Do HEC‑RAS modeling directly on the map.

Rapidly constructs HEC‑RAS models from a variety of data sources.

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GeoHECRAS Features

Easy to Learn and Use

Interact graphically with all HEC-RAS model elements. Effortlessly create and edit cross sections, bridge and culvert roadway crossings, ineffective flow areas and other model elements by clicking and dragging. Uncomplicated dialog boxes allow easy data entry and review.

AutoCAD, MicroStation & ESRI ArcGIS Compatible Graphical Interface to HEC-RAS

GeoHECRAS is an AutoCAD, MicroStation and ESRI ArcGIS compatible interactive 2D/3D graphical user interface data wrapper to the US Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS.

Import variety of different data quickly and easily into HEC-RAS

Import existing Army Corps HEC-RAS models and quickly georeference them to real-world maps using included georeferencing tools.

Work simultaneously on multiple HEC-RAS models

Work with multiple HEC-RAS projects simultaneously using the Multiple Document Interface (MDI), including copying and pasting of cross sections and other data between HEC-RAS projects.

“It saves a lot of time and money.”

Brian Bucholtz, P.E., CFM
Lyon Engineering & Surveying, Inc. Prescott, AZ

  • GeoHECRAS really saves about fifty percent of our time from the old clunky way using Army Corps of Engineers software. It helps us get our flood studies done way more quickly and more efficiently.


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